Analyze customer feedback data with no set up, no manual coding and results you can trust.

Uncover the actionable insights that will really move the needle for your business.

Complete confidence in your analysis

Deep insights that your company can actually use.

Quickly understand everything your customers are saying

Take hours of work off your plate

Let Kapiche’s natural language processing algorithm do the grind work so that you can spend more time being the data hero you know you are.

Kapiche puts you ahead of the game with its ability to show you everything your customers are talking about—not just those categories and themes you already know you need to look for. That means no pre-determined frameworks and no ongoing laborious process to keep it current.

  Why we're different

Automatically spot emergent trends, before it gets ugly

Kapiche’s AI-algorithm automatically identifies emergent themes each time new data is added, enabling you to notify the relevant departments and act on the issues, before they become a bigger problem for your organization.

Easily understand how to improve CX metrics

Impact scores allow you to quickly spot the customer issues that need fixing the most. Understand the exact impact individual issues are having on your NPS, CSAT or CES scores and see how improving these issues would drive up your overall scores.

Track issues and trends over time

Measure the impact of your business decisions on customer satisfaction and see how feedback changes as you address customer issues or introduce new products and services.

Deeper insights at a glance

Instantly see how different themes or customer segments are performing, and prioritise accordingly.

Delve as deep as you want to and slice the data any way you want. You'll have more control over your data than ever before.

Happy, sad, and everything in between

Kapiche identifies any sentiment in your customer feedback at the overall and per-response level, giving you another dimension to understand your customers.

Sharing is caring with customizable dashboards

Insights are only useful if the right people know about them. Use customizable dashboards to share insights across the entire organization or just with specific locations, teams or employees to implement the required fixes. Create, customize, and share dashboards filled with the deep, actionable insights from your analysis.

Supercharge your insights with integrations

Prevent data silos and empower your business to make laser-focused business decisions with Kapiche integrations. Kapiche allows you to connect multiple data sources for deeper customer analysis, including demographic, behavioural, spend and CX data from CRMs, survey tools and cloud storage providers.


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