Improve your NPS with text analytics

Learn why customer-centric companies use Kapiche to drive NPS success.

An alternative to manual coding, offshoring (or ignoring) your customer feedback data

Understand your customers with confidence.

Clear focus on what makes your customers tick

See what's impacting your customers, including new issues as they emerge, and measure the exact ROI of your CX initiatives.

Deeper insights for complete confidence in your NPS program

Get deeper insights into what’s driving customer satisfaction, validate your gut feel on what's affecting CX and tweak your NPS strategy accordingly.

Track issues & trends over time

Measure the impact of your business decisions on customer satisfaction and see how feedback changes as you address customer issues or introduce new products and services.

Customizable dashboards to share the CX love

Get your whole organization onboard your NPS journey with customizable dashboards, and share insights organization-wide or just with specific teams or employees to implement the required fixes.

Analyze & understand your NPS data, without the hard yakka

What used to take you weeks will now take just minutes. That means you’ll have more time to be the data hero you always knew you were.

Out with the old, in with the fast and accurate

Analyzing customer feedback in the past has been time-consuming and laborious. Kapiche quickly and accurately analyzes 1,000s of surveys in seconds and uncovers insights in your text data with no manual coding, or frameworks or ongoing training required.

Supercharge the quality of your analyses

Traditional methods produce basic, high-level insights but give little context into what’s actually causing your CX results. Using the power of AI, you’ll have complete confidence in your analyses and your ability to accurately answer strategic business questions in minutes.

Discover things you didn’t know to look for

Automatically see emergent customer issues as new products or features are released, or as customer feedback changes… before they become systemic.

It’s time you got more from your voice of customer data

Be the data hero you always knew you were.

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