Complete confidence in your CX strategy

Improve visibility over customer issues, have confidence that the CX decisions you are making are the right ones and increase ROI from your CX initiatives.

“Kapiche is not based on pre-built models, which allows us to see all the emergent themes and topics our customers are talking about, not just the ones we already know about and are looking out for.”


Customer Experience teams use Kapiche to:
  • Gain visibility over CX strategy performance

  • Track how customer opinion and CX initiatives trend over time

  • Validate gut-feel on what’s affecting your CX

  • Prove the ROI of CX programs

  • Have confidence that the decisions being made are the right ones

It’s time you got more from your voice of customer data

A CX solution to grow your organization

A new technology to give you the answers you need from the insights team to make the most impactful CX decisions. In minutes.

Know the decisions you are making are the right ones

Think you know what's affecting your CX program but not quite sure? Validate your gut feel with deep insights that really move the needle on your CX strategy.

Prioritize the most important customer issues

Use data to pinpoint the exact ROI of your CX initiatives to help you prioritize and fix the important issues affecting your customer base.

Rely on insights that are actually insightful

Uncover emergent issues quickly and address them before they have a chance to affect your organization's customer retention, revenue or growth.

“A big challenge with the NPS methodology is that organizations tend to focus on the metric as the objective instead of gaining the insight to learn and act on to improve the customer experience.”


True visibility over your customer’s experience

Real customer intelligence that moves the needle on your CX strategy.

See customer issues in seconds

Uncover the customer issues having the biggest impact on your CX program and measure the exact ROI of your CX initiatives.

Track how customer issues trend over time

Measure the impact of your organization's decisions on customer satisfaction and see how feedback changes as you address customer issues or introduce new products.

See emergent themes as they happen

New and emergent issues have previously been difficult to track - until now. Feel confident that you're seeing all customer issues, even the ones you weren't aware of!

Organization-wide CX focus

Gather organization-wide support for your CX program using customizable dashboards that empower teams to monitor and tweak strategy to improve CX metrics.

Integrations for true customer intelligence

Combine data from multiple data sources, including demographic, behavioural, spend and CX data from CRMs, survey tools and cloud storage providers for richer customer understanding.

It’s time you got more from your voice of customer data

Be the data hero you always knew you were.

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