How nib makes better business decisions with Kapiche

With Matt Paterson, Group Chief Operations Officer


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nib Group provides health and medical insurance to over 1.4 million Australian and New Zealand residents, and are Australia's third largest travel insurer and global distributor of travel insurance.




Using Kapiche to compliment their use of InMoment to understand their NPS surveys from +1.4 million customers.

nib Group is an Australian health care fund. Established in 1952, it has since grown into a national and international operation and is now the 3rd largest health insurer in Australia.

As the business has continued to expand their market share, the business is more focussed than ever on ensuring its customers have the lowest friction, best experience possible. Before Kapiche, nib’s insights team were using InMoment, but were lacking a way to dig deeper into their feedback to make meaningful change to their customer’s experience.

Now equipped with the Kapiche platform to complement InMoment, the Group Chief Operations Officer, Matt Paterson says:

Kapiche is customer feedback analytics for software copmpanies

I can sit around the boardroom table and talk with confidence around what’s driving the customer experience.  And no longer am I just talking about the score, I am talking about what matters to the customer and what matters to nib and Kapiche has been able to unlock that for us.

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