Supercharge your CX with these integrations

Unlock deeper insights and empower your business to make laser-focused business decisions with Kapiche integrations. Join together data from disparate data sources, including demographic, behavioural, spend and CX data from CRMs, survey tools, customer support platforms and cloud storage providers.


  • Business Operations
Amazon Redshift

Bring together data sources from anywhere in the organization using the Amazon Redshift + Kapiche integration.

Amazon S3

Avoid data silos and aggregate data from any source using the Amazon S3 + Kapiche integration.

Customer Monitor

Capture hearts, unlock operational efficiencies and transform organisational cultures with the Customer Monitor + Kapiche integration.


Create and send CX surveys, track and analyze feedback, and take action with Delighted + Kapiche integration.


Understand, report on and remedy systemic issues facing your business with the Freshdesk + Kapiche integration

Google BigQuery

Empower your organization to make laser-focussed business decisions using the Google BigQuery + Kapiche integration.

Google Cloud Storage

Avoid data silos and aggregate data from any source using the Google Cloud Storage + Kapiche integration.

Google Forms

Understand everything your customers are saying and turn their feedback into actionable insights with the Google Forms + Kapiche integration.


Uncover deeper actionable insights by combining CRM data with customer feedback data using the Hubspot + Kapiche integration.

inmoment x kapiche integration

See important business issues and trends earlier, respond faster, and turn your CX into a competitive advantage with the InMoment + Kapiche integration.


Get deep insights into the conversations your customers are having and how to remedy customer issues using the Intercom + Kapiche integration.


Understand, predict and take action to deliver extraordinary customer experiences with the Medallia + Kapiche integration.


Capture customer, product, brand & employee experience insights in one place for analysis and reporting with Qualtrics + Kapiche integration.

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Get deeper insights into what's driving your customer's behaviour using the Salesforce + Kapiche integration.


Combine data from any source for deeper insights into how your customers feel and behave towards your brand using the Snowflake + Kapiche integration.

SurveyMonkey (Momentive)

Get the answers you need to drive the business forward with the SurveyMonkey + Kapiche integration.


Engage your audience and get more data to improve your customer experience and insights with the Typeform + Kapiche integration.


Uncover the issues driving customer conversations across any channel using the Zendesk + Kapiche integration.