The customer insights you need to power better business decisions

Customer feedback analysis shouldn’t require complex data and workflows. Kapiche uncovers the full story behind your data so your team can quickly prioritize activities that move the needle the most.

How it works

Kapiche is a customer feedback analysis tool for teams who want clarity on what’s impacting experience metrics. Connect your feedback from any source, easily analyze the data, and translate insight into confident action.

Faster Analysis

Save weeks of team time through AI-assisted analysis and automatically generated reports. Unlock your team’s potential with unparalleled time to insight.

Your confidence

Know exactly what experiences and themes are impacting your satisfaction scores. Confidently communicate trends and answer ad-hoc questions to keep the business informed. 

Accessible context

Get the full story behind your data, always. Explore the connection between emerging themes and individual feedback in just a few clicks. 


Connect your data from anywhere

Get a comprehensive, central view of customer data from any source. Integrate data from customer support, surveys, online reviews, or social media. So no insights fall through the cracks.

One home for all your customer feedback data.
Kapiche - Deep customer insights 90% faster.

Analyze any data with ease

Explore high-level feedback themes at a bird's eye view, or deep dive into specific feedback areas to understand the trends driving your customer metrics. Eliminate guesswork and complicated excel sheets with AI-powered data analysis that delivers unparalleled time to insight.


Communicate insights that drive action

Answer ad-hoc questions within minutes, and share insights with confidence. Flexible data views and data visualizations showcase themes from across your feedback ecosystem. Keep everyone informed with clear data summaries that translate insights into action.

Get customer insights in the right hands quickly.
What our customers say

Our customers love how Kapiche helps them save time and get better insights.

“The wide range of tools available for me to deep dive and look at the data through different angles is my favourite thing about Kapiche.”
Richard Wibisono
Customer Research Assistant @ Coles
“Because Kapiche is not based on pre-built models, it allows us to see all the emergent themes and topics our account’s customers are talking about, not just the ones we already know about and are looking out for.”
Jin Lim
Head of Digital Products @ Potentiate
“Kapiche is extremely easy to use. You simply upload your data and it goes to work for you… Far superior to any other Text AI platforms - I have used most of them and they all fall way short of Kapiche.”
Administrator in Construction
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
“The query building feature is very easy to use and applying them on the dashboard gives me the ability to drill as deep as I need to go.”
Drew Lucas
Customer Experience Manager @ Shippit

See how it works

Kapiche’s customer feedback analysis platform connects all your data, letting you analyze and share insights with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Kapiche ensure the security of our sensitive customer data?
Is it acceptable for us to sign an NDA before sharing data for our trial?

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