Frequently Asked Questions

How is Kapiche different from traditional text analytics?
How long does it take to get up and running with Kapiche?
How long does it take to set up categories in Kapiche?
Does the Kapiche product require ongoing model training?
Will I need to do any manual coding?
Can Kapiche help me identify the drivers of CX metrics? (NPS, CSAT, CES)
Does Kapiche replace Qualtrics, Medallia, InMoment and similar platforms?
Does Kapiche collect survey responses as well as understand them?
Does Kapiche replace analysts?
How does Kapiche compare to other products in the space?
How can I try it for myself?
How does Kapiche work under the hood?
What is unsupervised machine learning?
How accurate is Kapiche (e.g. precision vs recall)?
How do I get data into Kapiche?
What types of data can Kapiche analyze?
What’s the minimum and maximum number of responses we can analyze?
Can Kapiche understand data other than English?
Can I use data from multiple sources at once?
Can I analyze text data from anywhere?
Are your prices based on data volumes?
What data sources can Kapiche integrate with?
Can I integrate Kapiche with existing dashboards (like Tableau?)
What level of support do we get access to during onboarding and after onboarding?
Can we access ongoing training once we’re a customer?
What support does my Customer Success Manager provide?
Our customer data is very sensitive - how does Kapiche protect it?
We will need to sign an NDA to hand over data for our trial - is this ok?

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