One home for all your feedback data.

Businesses today have access to nearly unlimited feedback data.
Connect all your feedback sources in one central platform.

Get deeper insights

Democratize access to the data

Streamline your workflow

That’s the power of all your customer feedback data working together.

All your data in one place

You have a never-ending stream of customer feedback. Surveys, call transcripts, live chat, socials, support emails, reviews…

Kapiche gives you one central platform to view and analyze all your customer feedback. Combine data from any source and quickly generate rich, actionable insights.

All customer feedback data in one place
Universal search across all customer feedback

Universal search across all feedback

Kapiche makes it easy to look into trends or keywords across all feedback sources.

Want to look at each time a customer mentioned ‘shipping’ in the last week between reviews, support emails and calls, and social media? Comin’ right up.

"Kapiche is extremely easy to use. You simply upload your data and it goes to work for you. Kapiche is able to develop themes and you can easily assign rules to your groupings right away. Then you get a dashboard where you can filter easily. Far superior to any other Text AI platforms - I have used most of them and they all fall way short of Kapiche."
VoC Manager | Residential Construction
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It’s time you got more from your voice of customer data.

Be the data hero you always knew you were.