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Customers use Kapiche for customer feedback analysis
Nextdoor and Kapiche
How Nextdoor improved NPS results and saved 80+ hours a month with Kapiche

Nextdoor harnessed Kapiche to transform their overwhelming feedback into actionable insights, pinpointed critical user experience issues from 600,000 comments, enhanced their NPS, and focused product development where it mattered most.

How RAC WA uses Kapiche to understand members and wow stakeholders

With over 1.2 million members, RAC needed a way to process vast amounts of text data from member feedback. Using Kapiche, RAC can quickly understand what members are talking about to develop and offer the products and services they really need - and have saved 11,856 man-hours in the process!

How nib is transforming their customer experience with Kapiche

As private health insurer nib continued to expand its market share, the customer insights team realized they were lacking a way to dig deeper into their InMoment customer feedback to meaningfully impact their customer’s experience and see that reflected in their NPS.

How Village Roadshow determines the ROI of events with Kapiche

Facing a proliferation of guest feedback, VRTP realized they needed a new approach to customer insights to stay ahead of their guest experience and to continue exceeding guest expectations.

Why Western Sydney University chose Kapiche to help improve student experience & retention

With a wealth of qualitative data collected via the national Student Experience Survey, WSU were looking for a way to uncover insights that would lead to improved student experience and the ability to influence student success, completion rates and funding.

How Kapiche helps American Journal Experts listen to the voice of the customer

As their competition and customer base grew, American Journal Experts needed actionable insights that would help improve their current services while identifying viable new areas to move into.

Why Schindler chose Kapiche to replace manual coding of NPS surveys

After struggling to identify key drivers of customer satisfaction using manual categorization, Schindler were looking for a new technology to help positively impact their CX strategy at a global level.