Power your customer experience strategy with actionable insights

Get clear visibility into customer feedback, make confident decisions backed by data, and demonstrate the ROI of your CX initiatives through unmatched customer experience analytics.

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Get more from your VoC data

Our customer feedback analytics platform gives you the answers you need to make the most impactful CX decisions. In minutes.

  • Gain visibility over your customer experience strategy performance

  • Monitor how voice of customer and CX initiatives trend over time

  • Validate gut-feel of what's affecting CX with customer experience analytics

  • Demonstrate and track the ROI of your CX programs

  • Gain more confidence that the decisions being made are the right ones


Get all your data in one place

Centralize all customer feedback in one clear, confident view. Integrate survey data with unsolicited feedback like customer support data, product reviews, and social media conversations. Put our customer experience analytics tools to work to quickly get comprehensive summaries and context-rich findings.


Uncover emerging themes

Use a bottoms-up analysis approach to monitor precisely what your customers are talking about. No need to train the system about what to look for. Deep dive into specific feedback to understand and track emerging themes before they become an issue for your business.


Quickly pinpoint opportunities for improvement

Kapiche makes it easy to track all your customer feedback in relation to your most important customer metrics. Pinpoint the exact ROI of your CX initiatives by tracking feedback patterns and metrics over time. Use benchmarks to prioritize actions that will improve customer experience.


Know you're making the right decisions

Think you know what's affecting your CX program but not quite sure? Validate your gut feel with deep customer experience insights that really move the needle on your CX strategy.

"Kapiche is not based on pre-built models, which allows us to see all the emergent themes and topics our customers are talking about, not just the ones we already know about and are looking out for."
Jin L | Former head of Digital Products at Potentiate
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Integrations for complete customer understanding

Combine voice of customer data from multiple sources for a richer view of customer experience. Integrate demographic, behavioral, and CX data from your favorite CRMs, survey tools, and cloud storage providers for deeper understanding of your customers.

All customer feedback data in one place

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Elevate your customer experience insights strategy today. See why leading teams use Kapiche’s customer experience analytics tools to improve customer retention and revenue.

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