Why Schindler chose Kapiche to replace manual coding of NPS surveys

With Sergio Rossini, Global Head of CX Excellence


customers globally




NPS survey responses annually

Globally, Schindler’s products move 1 billion people every day. The business has grown from a local manufacturer of machines to a global innovator of elevators and escalators. On the way, it has shaped the industry, defined best practice as a mobility provider and prospered in a highly competitive global environment.




Alternative to manually-coding NPS surveys.

Schindler's main goal is to become customer-focused in everything they do, creating an exceptional experience for users and their 400,000 customers around the world. With more than 140 years in business, Schindler recognizes their success is based on earning the confidence of customers with quality products and exceptional customer experience.


Customer-first in everything they do globally

The organization uses Net Promoter System as their key metric to track customer satisfaction progress, identify areas for improvement and drive future strategy. Driven by Head of Customer Excellence - Global Sergio Rossini, Schindler has implemented Kapiche to help the company to obtain consistent, reliable insights from customer NPS survey responses.

The Challenge

Inability to positively impact the global CX strategy

Schindler were using traditional manual categorization to analyze their customer feedback, but were struggling to identify key drivers of customer satisfaction in order to positively impact their CX strategy.

The process was slow, subjective and inconsistent across branches and countries due to the limitations of manual categorization and its inherent human bias.

Schindler wanted:

  • The ability to identify and affect key drivers of customer satisfaction

  • Consistent analysis across branches and countries

  • Deeper actionable insights in less time to ensure their competitive advantage

"The main advantage of Kapiche is that we can identify the drivers of customer loyalty, not only at a country level but also at an individual branch level, giving us much deeper insights into customer behavior and satisfaction. This granularity of insight gives us the ability to positively impact our CX strategy at a global level."

- Sergio Rossini, Global Head of CX Excellence

The Solution

Decreasing detractor rates to increase customer retention

Kapiche identifies the main drivers of loyalty and allows Global Head of CX Excellence, Sergio Rossini, to create actionable plans for each country to actively reduce detractor rates and improve customer retention.

Rather than manually-coding customer survey responses using pre-built ontologies with terms that Schindler’s internal teams deems important, Kapiche builds a bespoke language model from survey data. This enables Schindler to avoid the human bias and inconsistency that has been inherent in their traditional manual-coding efforts.

“The Kapiche algorithm allows our CX teams globally to focus on the topics that are explicitly mentioned by our customers or emergent trends that we don't yet know about, allowing us to pinpoint and address emergent customer issues to avoid these problems becoming systemic in the future.”

"Kapiche offers a truly unique solution to the challenge of obtaining actionable insights from customer data. Flexible reporting, granular insights and ease of use make Kapiche an ideal tool for any company striving to create meaningful experiences for their customers."

- Sergio Rossini, Global Head of CX Excellence

The Promised Land

Using customer insights to inform strategic business decisions

The Schindler team utilizes the Kapiche Storyboard to establish the main topics of interest to customers, while the customizable dashboards are used as a strategic tool to define opportunities and develop strategies.

The clear and detailed insights from customers that can be uncovered in Kapiche is helping the business make informed strategic decisions. Detractor information is used as a warning sign that action needs to be taken and to gauge the level of urgency. A deep dive into customer verbatims helps Schindler identify which actions should be planned and executed. Kapiche drills down and extracts insights from verbatims for just the detractors, or just promoters, offering important insights into each cohort that aids Schindler’s CX planning in each country.

Since Kapiche requires no setup, Schindler were up and running within hours of choosing Kapiche.