Get to deep insights 90% faster.

Your company wants better insights in less time. With Kapiche, you have the best of both worlds.

“To bring this data in, analyze it, and go back to the business with results within 2 weeks of the survey being in the field is just something that we haven’t done before.”
Head of Research and Insights | Media Industry

Kapiche helps you:

  • Answer ad-hoc questions in minutes.

  • Easily identify impact drivers.

  • Drill through layers of data to the 'why'.

  • Automatically see new feedback trends.

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No more waiting for insights.

Taking weeks or months to deliver insights from feedback data is no longer acceptable. Kapiche helps you get to deep, actionable insights up to 30x faster.

Get an insights question in a meeting, have an answer within minutes.

Learn about new themes automatically.

Traditional text analytics can only show you themes you’re already aware of. But what happens when there’s a new theme in your customer feedback? Kapiche identifies the themes in your feedback without needing human input.

Understand why CX metrics change.

Your most important CX metric drops by 10 points, and one of your execs is asking you why. Getting a little nervous?

No need to worry. With Kapiche, you can finally give good answers. Easily understand impact drivers and the root causes of changes.

Easily measure and prioritize issues.

How do you quantify the size and impact of an issue customers are talking about? Kapiche makes it simple to understand not only how often an issue is talked about, but also how much it’s impacting customer satisfaction.

No need for maintenance services.

Other solutions take a long time to set up and then also require you to spend time constantly on upkeep and updates! You don’t have time for that.

Kapiche is designed so that you won’t need vendor maintenance or managed services.

What our customers are saying

Our customers love how Kapiche helps them save time and get better insights.

“The wide range of tools available for me to deep dive and look at the data through different angles is my favourite thing about Kapiche.”
Richard Wibisono
Customer Research Assistant @ Coles
“Because Kapiche is not based on pre-built models, it allows us to see all the emergent themes and topics our account’s customers are talking about, not just the ones we already know about and are looking out for.”
Jin Lim
Head of Digital Products @ Potentiate
“Kapiche is extremely easy to use. You simply upload your data and it goes to work for you… Far superior to any other Text AI platforms - I have used most of them and they all fall way short of Kapiche.”
Administrator in Construction
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
“The query building feature is very easy to use and applying them on the dashboard gives me the ability to drill as deep as I need to go.”
Drew Lucas
Customer Experience Manager @ Shippit

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