Be the insights hero of your professional dreams.

Finding the insights is only the first step. Kapiche makes it easy to get them into the right hands in a snap. Create custom insights views for stakeholders, and generate impressive visuals on the fly.

Custom dashboards for everyone

Give your stakeholders quick access to the insights that matter to them. Kapiche’s customized dashboards allow you to build the perfect layout for each viewer. Get more people tuned in to insights and watch your business grow more customer-centric.

Custom customer insights dashboards for everyone
Sharing customer insights even when you’re busy elsewhere

Sharing insights even when you’re busy elsewhere

Keep insights top of mind for everyone with Kapiche’s automatic digest emails. You decide what data gets highlighted in the emails. Your stakeholders get automatic summaries of key metrics and changes in any important segments. Win win.

Collaborate on insights across your company

Customer insights should be a team effort. With Kapiche, you can use comments to work collaboratively on insights with your teammates. Point out important details, add a note or a question, and follow the conversation in the activity feed.

Collaborate on customer insights across your company
Export customer insights to visualization tools

Export insights to visualization tools

Once you’ve found great insights in Kapiche, export them to your BI dashboarding solution. Enhance existing dashboards and reports, broadcast your findings across the company, and increase your impact.

Transparency gives you control and confidence

Black boxes don’t work for you. You want control and explainability because you know you’ll get questions from stakeholders. Kapiche makes analysis transparent to you so that you can confidently break down insights for your teams.

Transparency gives you control and confidence
“We are exposing more people to what customers are saying. The tool is very easy to use and digest, which gains engagement and provides better visibility to customer data.”
Administrator | Logistics and Supply Chain

It’s time you got more from your voice of customer data

Be the data hero you always knew you were.