Get the deep understanding you crave to drive loyalty and increase spend

Uncover actionable insights in your customer data without relying on manual coding or clunky CX platforms that only skim the surface.

"Amazing discovery and insights in half the time... Kapiche helps our organization identify trends and deep-dive data as needed in half the time we used to. This allows us to address issues identified in a closer to real-time manner."
User from G2 | Retail - Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
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Identify key drivers of spend and loyalty.

Kapiche simplifies how you unlock your goldmine of open-ended feedback data to attract and retain loyal customers.

Measure the actual impact on ROI and CX metrics.

Price too high. Checkout experience sucks. Quickly see the customer issues that need prioritizing and see how fixing these will boost your scores and revenue.

See how changes affect loyalty and wallet share.

Track and monitor the effect of your business decisions on customer satisfaction and buying patterns.

See how Kapiche works for retail.

We analyzed 36,860 retail NPS surveys in 1 minute and 19 seconds. (That's over 1 million words ). This is what we found:

Get deeper, more contextual insights into your retail VoC program.

What would your VoC program look like if you were no longer hamstrung by CX platforms that only analyze data it has collected? Listen to your customers across any channel and start transforming your retail experience today.

Drill down for deeper customer understanding.

The context you crave is no longer buried under basic themes like price, quality, shipping with granular context networks.

Spot emergent trends quickly and easily.

Things change fast in retail. Kapiche empowers you to stay ahead of your customers and identify issues before they impact your CX.

Data from any source for even deeper insights

Take the goldmine of data from every channel for a complete picture of your CX. You’re no longer stuck only analyzing the data your CX platform collects.

It’s time you got more from your voice of customer data.

Be the data hero you always knew you were.