Instant insights.
No set up or coding.

Ingest and analyze your mountains of customer feedback data in minutes. Generate deep insights quickly for your teams and leadership and improve your company’s bottom line.

“I can sit around the boardroom table and talk with confidence around the customer experience... no longer am I just talking about the score, I am talking about what matters most to the customer.”
Matt Paterson
Group COO, nib
Can process 50,000 NPS responses in 1 hour
“We’ve found Kapiche to be an invaluable tool for processing large sets of text to extract meaningful insights. In addition to the rich insights, Kapiche has been a huge time saver for us.”
Steven Hill
Senior Manager Voice of Member, RACWA
10,000+ hours of manual coding saved
“I love how easy Kapiche is to use. Let Kapiche run its magic, and you have instant insights into what your customers are saying.”
Michelle Ebbs
Head of Voice of the Customer, Research Square Company

You’re drowning in customer data...

But struggling to get deep insights into your customers. Lots of time and money are spent on understanding customer data, but only low quality insights are coming out. And your customers are hurting–or worse, churning.

Now there’s a better way.

Deeper insights in less time.

Kapiche is a feedback analytics platform that analyzes mountains of customer feedback data in minutes, empowering you to provide deep insights quickly and improve your company’s bottom line.

This is the Kapiche difference:

Before Kapiche

  • Too much time on grunt work like manual coding and maintaining code frames

  • Painfully slow analysis–can’t answer ad hoc questions

  • Struggle to answer basic questions about changes in CX metrics

  • Flying blind without awareness of emergent themes

  • Limited confidence in insight accuracy because of black box analysis

With Kapiche

  • More time for high value work like digging into insights, storytelling, building reports

  • Get to insights 30x faster and answer questions on the fly

  • Easily and quickly identify which themes are driving CX metrics

  • New emergent themes are automatically identified

  • Share insights with confidence, impress with depth and  accuracy

Hear from our customers

Our customers love how Kapiche helps them save time and get better insights.

“Kapiche has been tremendously helpful in helping us better understand the responses to our NPS survey.”
Gordon Strause
Director of Community @ Nextdoor
“Kapiche have provided a tool that will help us unpack our customer's needs while also providing sentiment support to the analysis. It has been a game-changer within the business.”
Pete Nanos
Consumer Insights Manager, TTI
“The team is amazing & the platform really delivers in broadening capability around understanding and driving insights out of unstructured data. The platform is super intuitive and very easy to use.”
Alvin Ford
Experience Improvement Specialist, HCF Australia

Get deep, rich insights in minutes.