Stay ahead of competitors with feedback analytics for NPS.

Learn why customer-centric companies use Kapiche to drive NPS success.

"Kapiche has been tremendously helpful in helping us better understand the responses to our NPS survey."
Gordon Strause | Director of Community @ Nextdoor

A new technology to analyze, understand and take action on your NPS data.

AI technology in NLP to show you exactly what is driving your NPS score.

Uncover the exact drivers behind your NPS.

Identify the exact impact of each theme found in your customer feedback in order to understand what is driving NPS amongst your customers.

Visually prioritize your customer issues.

Validate your gut feel and prioritize the issues having the biggest impact on your revenue to really move the needle on your NPS scores.

Measure the impact of business decisions on NPS.

Pinpoint how NPS changes over time, as you address customer issues, make changes to business strategy or introduce new products and services.

Drill down and monitor with customizable dashboards.

Create customizable Kapiche dashboards to monitor and measure the impact of customer voice on your key business metrics.

Analyze & understand your NPS data, without the low value grunt work.

AI technology using NLP to show you exactly what is driving your NPS score.

Unlock data science – for non-data scientists

Customer data no longer needs to be slowly processed, analyzed and managed by a separate data science team. Kapiche uncovers insights in your text data with no manual coding, code frames or ongoing maintenance required.

Measure VoC impact on business metrics, not just NPS!

Although NPS is important , the link to business performance isn’t always clear. Going beyond lagging customer experience metrics is how VoC teams grow the business and prove their worth.

Evaluate the impact of business decisions on your customers in minutes, not weeks

There is no reason you should follow the traditional approach of manual coding — and waste weeks on something that can be done in minutes. We need to refocus CX teams on higher value work, not manually reading and coding verbatims.

It’s time you got more from your NPS data.

Be the data hero you always knew you were.