Kapiche is on a mission to help organisations understand and empathize with their customers at scale using our unique software.

Humanizing Customer Intelligence

Kapiche is an AI-powered Feedback Analytics Platform for understanding customer feedback at scale, enabling you to make the most impactful decisions for your business.

Regardless of whether the data is from surveys, support conversations, product reviews or your CRM, Kapiche does the heavy lifting for your analyst team, collating all your data together to produce insights deeper, faster and more accurate than has previously been possible.


From humble beginnings in a local cafe, founders Ryan Stuart and Kris Rogers have built Kapiche into a world class team of kick-ass people who love what they do. When we’re not shipping new features, squashing bugs or having a good old-fashioned chin-wag with our customers, you’ll find us battling it out over a friday afternoon board game, drinking coffee, or debating existential questions like why saucepans are called saucepans, and not saucepots…

Our vision: Back to where it all began

What started as a chance meeting in Grade 8, has led high school friends, Kris (left) & Ryan (right), on a mission to revolutionize business intelligence, creating a world where organizations make human-centric decisions & every voice is heard.

With several failed attempts, an MVP and 5 or so iterations on the current product now under their belt, Ryan & Kris are keen to change how business decisions are made and enable organizations to deeply understand people at any scale.

Our Values

At Kapiche, we recognize that our best work happens when everyone is aligned on a few core values. These are the six values that help the Kapiche team make magic on the reg.

Working at Kapiche


Psychological Safety




Customer First


Programs we’ll forever be grateful for

The Kapiche team have been accepted into some of the world’s leading startup and scaleup programs, including Muru-d Accelerator program and Microsoft’s first ever Australian Scaleup Program.

It’s time you got more from your voice of customer data

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