Customer Insights Webinar Series

How VRTP's VoC program drives customer-centric growth

Been wondering how other companies structure their Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs?

Curious about the inner workings of a successful VoC strategy in the entertainment industry?

Join Robert Young, Commercial Insights Analyst at Village Roadshow Theme Parks, and Ryan Stuart, CEO of Kapiche, as they explore the inner workings of this entertainment giant's Voice of the Customer program.

In this webinar, Robert gives us insight into how VRTP leverages CX metrics like NPS alongside operational metrics to guide both daily operations and strategic decisions across its theme parks.

Learn how these insights are communicated effectively across departments, driving organizational buy-in, from ground staff to senior executives, ultimately leading to rapid implementation of feedback and happier guests.

We’ll also chat about the specific methodologies VRTP uses to measure the ROI of customer experience enhancements.

Robert shares some compelling anecdotes about the success they’ve seen so far and lessons learned along the way.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain actionable strategies from an industry leader to enhance your VoC program and drive effective organizational change.

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