Customer Insights Webinar Series

Webinar: Transform Your VoC Strategy with the Power of Behavioral Science

The humble customer survey, once the very foundation of VoC and market research, has seen better days.

Response rates are plummeting, respondents who do respond likely don’t accurately represent your customer base, and businesses are trying to make strategic decisions based on this data.

This increasing trend is causing significant difficulty for market research and VoC teams globally.

So, why are response rates declining, and what does this mean for your VoC program and broader business? And even more importantly, how do you make impactful business decisions without a comprehensive picture of your entire customer base?

Join Peter Harris, Chief Research Officer at Advantage Group, and Ryan Stuart, CEO at Kapiche, to understand what best-in-class VoC and Research programs should look like in 2024. You’ll leave this webinar with tangible actions to insulate your VoC program from the responder crisis and continue hearing from your customers in a meaningful way.

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