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Our vision is to revolutionize business intelligence to create a world where organizations make human-centric decisions & every voice is heard.

Our Values


Clear, intentional and honest communication delivered in a considerate and sincere manner is fundamental to how we operate as a team. This way of communicating gives us the clarity and insight we need to grow together and achieve our vision.

Psychological Safety

We cultivate an environment where people are encouraged to take risks and be vulnerable in front of peers. Everyone is safe to speak their mind and be creative without fear of negative reactions. It is this working environment built on trust which will allow us to thrive.


We encourage people to be themselves, to think independently and be authentic. We value each person’s unique perspective and different way of thinking. We believe innovation blossoms when a blend of identities, cultures and experiences come together in pursuit of a common goal.

Take Ownership

We trust people to take responsibility, find the best path forward and execute our shared vision. This trust is created by being accountable personally for both our performance and our actions.


We are constantly pushing the envelope to achieve our mission. We have a natural tendency to ask “how would we do that?” rather than “can we do that?” We are driven by challenges, not scared off by them. We learn and adapt quickly.

Customer First

Our customers inform every decision we make. Understanding our customers on a fundamental level is core to how we operate. We see our customers as our partners, without which achieving our vision would be impossible.

Life at Kapiche

Learning & growth opportunities

We support personal & professional development.

Barista-made coffee

Free morning coffee by the best local barista.

Celebrate the wins

Big or small, every win counts.

Wellbeing allowance

Gym and exercise reimbursements.

Flexible workplace

Work the best way for you.

Company off-sites

Annual team strategy sessions.

Available Positions

We’re always looking for talented and passionate people to join our team.

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