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Ingest and analyze your mountains of customer feedback data in minutes. Use Kapiche feedback analytics software to quickly generate meaningful insights for your teams and leadership, and improve your company’s bottom line.

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Nextdoor and Kapiche
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You're drowning in customer data

But struggling to understand your customers. Lots of time and money are spent on understanding customer data, but only low quality insights are coming out. And your customers are hurting or worse, churning.

Now there is a better way

Kapiche is a feedback analytics platform that analyzes mountains of customer feedback data in minutes, empowering you to provide deep insights quickly and improve your company’s bottom line.

Quickly turn feedback into insights, and share them out.

Ingest all of your customer feedback data with Kapiche

Our customers love how Kapiche helps them save time and get better insights.

“Kapiche has been tremendously helpful in helping us better understand the responses to our NPS survey.”
Gordon Strause
Director of Community @ Nextdoor
“Kapiche have provided a tool that will help us unpack our customer's needs while also providing sentiment support to the analysis. It has been a game-changer within the business.”
Pete Nanos
Consumer Insights Manager, TTI
“The team is amazing & the platform really delivers in broadening capability around understanding and driving insights out of unstructured data. The platform is super intuitive and very easy to use.”
Alvin Ford
Experience Improvement Specialist, HCF Australia

Get better insights than you've ever had before.

Rich, deep customer insights with Kapiche