Customer insights teams never had a home. Until now.

It’s about time that insights teams had a platform to call their own. All feedback in one place, lightning-fast analysis, and deeper insights. And you can share it all easily.

“Kapiche helps us identify the drivers of our CX, and allows us to present that information to executives in an easily digestible format. It’s saving us hours upon hours of time.”
Jason Jacobson | Director of Consumer Insights @ Woodside Homes
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Kapiche for Customer Insights Teams

Get visibility into exactly what is driving your NPS score.

Unlimited Vision

Centralizing all customer feedback in one platform gives your insights team a rich panoramic view of what customers are thinking, feeling, and doing.

Instant Insights

With analysis of new datasets in minutes and the ability to easily drill through layers of data to find the ‘why’, your customer insights is primed for a big jump in productivity and depth of insight.

Maximum Impact

Don’t let the insights you generate die on the vine. Kapiche’s sharing features makes it easy to quickly get your insights in front of the right people so they can take action.

Kapiche helps you provide deeper & more timely insights.

One place to analyze all your feedback data

Combine data from all your sources so that you can find deeper, richer insights. You’ll have a better view across all customer feedback than ever before.

Get better insights faster

Forget weeks or months to get results from a survey or a new dataset. With Kapiche you can get deep, actionable insights up to 30x faster. It’s like your team just gained a superpower.

Find out about new themes automatically

Kapiche identifies emergent themes in your feedback without needing human input. Learn what customers are really talking about, not just more of what you already know.

Welcome to a new level of awareness.

Identify drivers of CX metrics

You’re on the hook to explain changes to important CX metrics. With Kapiche impact scores, you can find answers quickly and measure the impact of business decisions so your company knows what to prioritize.

Craft custom dashboards to share

Build the perfect dashboard for each stakeholder so they can easily monitor what matters most to them. Make it easy for your teams and leaders to get tuned in to customer insights.

Be the insights hero you always wanted to be.

Create automatic digest emails

Kapiche is hard at work even when you’re busy elsewhere. Set up automatic digest emails to keep insights top of mind for everyone. Customize what data gets highlighted and make sure your stakeholders are always up to date.

Export insights to visualization tools

Increase the reach of your insights by exporting them to your BI dashboarding solution. Enhance your dashboards and reports and broadcast your findings so they can make a big impact.

Traditional text analytics tools have been a huge flop for insights teams.

Kapiche is the new way. Instant insights, no manual coding.