See what’s going wrong for your customers at scale with text analytics

A new solution to manual coding, offshoring (or ignoring) your customer feedback data

Make strategic, data-driven decisions to help your customers succeed.

Make strategic, data-driven decisions.

Make data-based decisions that reduce burden on customer support, by solving issues for customers before they develop into systemic issues.

Reduce the burden on your support teams

Learn how your customers use your products, website, and support channels to improve their experience and increase retention at each point of your customer's journey.

Track issues & trends over time

Measure the impact of product decisions on customer satisfaction and see how feedback changes as you address customer concerns or introduce new products and features.

Give visibility to every department in your organization

Share insights with product, engineering or any other department to build awareness and support for the changes you need to improve CX.

Pinpoint insights to improve customer support, faster and easier than ever

Manually tagging customer support responses as they come in is time-consuming and bound by human-bias. Not to mention painful. Kapiche is a new technology that solves these problems.

Insights in minutes, not weeks. No kidding

Quickly and accurately analyze 1,000s of surveys in seconds and uncovers insights in your text data with no manual tagging, code frames or ongoing data training required.

Trust the quality of your analysis output

Traditional methods produce basic, high-level insights but give little context into what’s actually causing your customers concern. Using the power of AI, you’ll have complete confidence in your analyses and the ability to accurately answer strategic business questions in minutes.

Spot things you didn’t even know to look for

Automatically spot emergent customer issues as new products or features are released, or as customer feedback changes… before they become systemic.

It’s time you got more from your voice of customer data

Be the data hero you always knew you were.

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