Drive product adoption and increase retention

Software organizations must innovate at the speed of lightning. But it’s impossible when you’re stuck manually coding or relying on clunky, outdated CX platforms that only skim the surface.

A new approach to customer insights that will drive adoption and increase retention

Product adoption and retention are critical to the success of software products. But it’s hard to drive adoption and retention when you can’t get a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not working for your users.

Uncover key drivers of adoption and churn

Do away with manual coding and bolster the basic insights you get from CX platforms like Medallia, MaritzCX/InMoment, and Qualtrics.

Context you need for impactful decision-making

Use text analytics to dig layers deeper for the context you need to make fast, laser-focused business decisions with granular context networks.

Insights that change as your data changes

Unsupervised machine learning means you have the agility to identify emergent trends and make quick changes before they impact CX and ARR.

Stop wasting time on set up and ongoing training

Instantly analyze new data sets without any manual setup or ongoing model training and get answers to critical business questions fast.

Quantify the impact of everything

Identify the impact themes and issues are having on your overall CX metrics and understand exactly how fixing these will boost your scores and your revenue.

Data from any source for richer insights

Customers are not one dimensional. Get multi-dimensional insights for a more holistic understanding of your customers across every channel.

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