Common NPS mistakes and how to avoid them
Ryan Stuart

Before you file away yet another completed NPS survey, check that you're not making these common mistakes.

How to use your NPS results effectively
Ryan Stuart

To get the most out of the transition to a customer-centric organisation, it is essential to understand the why behind what your customers are saying about their experiences with your organisation.

What you’re missing out on by not having a customer analyst
Rhiannon Kastrissios

In the modern business landscape, a customer analyst is primarily focused on measuring the data gathered from customer feedback, analyzing and interpreting the data, and presenting their findings to management.

Scaling customer empathy with VoC analytics
Ryan Stuart

The research and insights gathered from VoC data and text analytics can be invaluable in helping a business understand their target market; specifically, how they feel, and what pain points they experience.

Understanding Text Analytics Methods
Ryan Stuart

There’s no getting around it, text analytics is fast becoming a must-have for businesses. Here's the the four key approaches linguistic, statistical, supervised and unsupervised.

Why measurement is killing your CX
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It's no longer enough to collect customer data. You must do something with it to confidently make CX decisions.