Ryan Stuart

Did you know brands with superior customer experience drive 5.7X more revenue than competitors with poor CX?

4 principles of customer insights storytelling
Andrew Maher

Has it been a while since you heard the story of “The Three Little Pigs?”. I bet you still remember how the story unfolds. This is because storytelling evokes a strong neurological response. You’re more likely to remember a good story than a PowerPoint presentation, high level NPS scores and numbers on a spreadsheet. It's easier for executives to understand behavior drivers if your reporting follows storytelling techniques that have stood the test of time.

Ryan Stuart

Hear why Kapiche stands apart in the feedback analytics landscape, choosing accuracy over the tempting but risky Gen AI answer bots. Hear from our CEO on how our commitment to reliable data underpins an effective customer insights strategy.

Jennifer Anderson

Insights teams are facing unprecedented demand from their organizations but often get bogged down in data mining and requests. How do you shift away from the nitty-gritty to deliver more value?

5 essential questions to ask before purchasing a feedback analytics tool
Rhiannon Kastrissios

Deciding to invest in a new tool can feel daunting. To choose the best solution for your business, ask (and answer) these five essential questions.

Using customer insights to find and solve customer pain points
Ryan Stuart

Are you guilty of bumping into furniture repeatedly? You're not the only one. Customers face similar obstacles with brands. Dive into customer insights to enhance their experience. Learn to spot, prioritize, and address pain points. Don't just adjust—transform!"

Ryan Stuart

Text analytics software has developed significantly over the past 5 years. When incorporated with a broader feedback analytics platform, it offers incredible insight for Customer Insights & CX practitioners. But understanding the nuances of the software is key.