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Making the most of the customer data you already have with David Gardner

In this episode we're joined by David Gardner - VP of Research & Insights at Talkdesk. Talkdesk helps organizations around the world create better customer experiences. We're excited to have David share his unique perspective on doing more with the data you already have.

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Design Thinking + CX with Rod Netterfield

In this episode we're joined by Rod Netterfield to deep dive into design thinking as it relates to customer insights and CX.

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Customer Centric Decision Making with Karen Wynn

In this episode we team up with Karen Wynn, General Manager Member Value Proposition at RACQ to discuss why the customer should be at the heart of your organization’s decision making process.

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Storytelling with Sergio Rossini

In this episode, we are going to focus on the rapid transformation of the CX industry in the face of COVID 19 and the role that insights and storytelling plays in that transformation.

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